Surgical Biopsy:
PVPS provides a comprehensive surgical biopsy service, with results usually available 24-36 hours following delivery. Upon request, STAT service is available for a surcharge. Generally reserved for life-or-death circumstances involving hospitalized patients, this service is provided as the name states, in the Shortest Turn Around Time possible. Results may be available the same day or early the next morning following delivery.

In addition to diagnosis, included in the routine examination report are a complete histological description of the lesion and where applicable, evaluation of surgical margins. Pathologist's comments, recommendations and relevant prognosis information may also be provided.

PVPS offers cytology services for fine needle aspirates (FNA) as well as impression smear, scraping and imprint preparations. Direct preparation, as well as Cyto-spinŽ and thin preparations techniques are utilized in-house for fluids and effusions.

Turn-around times are comparable to those for surgical biopsy with STAT service available upon request. Reports include diagnosis, cytological description, pathologist's recommendations and/or relevant prognosis information.

Comprehensive, legally-defensible necropsy services are provided by PVPS, including courier service for clinics on our regular routes.

The standard necropsy examination includes gross examination and histological examination of lesions observed or suspected, as well as routine histological examination of all major organs. Cremation without return of ashes is included in the necropsy fee. Cosmetic examination with return of the pet to the clinic may be requested, as well as transfer of remains to a private service for individual cremation with return of the cremains to the clinic. The necropsy examination report consists of a complete description of all gross and histological lesions, morphological diagnosis(es) and/or etiological/disease diagnoses where applicable, as well as pathologist's comments and opinions. Photographic documentation is included where required.