Courier Service:
Courier service is provided for transportation of samples and specimens from many veterinary clinics in the midlands of South Carolina to our laboratories. Regular daily routes run in and around the Columbia, Irmo, Lexington area, and extend to include Newberry, Laurens, Greenwood, Saluda, Winnsboro, and Orangeburg. Daily stops will be scheduled for those clinics and hospitals submitting samples and specimens on a regular basis.

Call-in Pick-Up Service:
Clinics and hospitals on established routes may be provided courier service on specific days of the week or on a call-in basis if samples are submitted only one or two days each week.

In The Greater Columbia Area - Call 252-1913
Toll Free Outside of Columbia - Call 1 (866) 252-1913

Necropsy Specimen Courier Service:
Limited regional courier service is provided for transport of animals submitted to PVPS for comprehensive necropsy examinations. This service is provided by regular route drivers for animals weighing less than 25 pounds. Other vehicles are dispatched for animals weighing over 25 pounds. PVPS must be notified prior to driver departure in order to ensure an approved, temperature-controlled container is provided to the driver for safe transport of the pet. The hospital/clinic staff must:

  • Notify PVPS by calling (803) 252-1913 or (866) 252-1913 to schedule transport;
  • Provide an approximate weight of the animal at the time of notification;
  • Complete the PME Requisition form, to include authorization for disposition of remains;
  • Ensure the specimen is properly protected, packaged, and identified for transport;
  • Ensure the specimen is properly secured in the transport container in courier vehicle.

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